Creating is Key

Thank you for visiting Descending Realm Games! Please feel free to stay a while and check out our products and demos. Our very first product is Survival Shot a top down shooter. This is just the beginning, you are going to enjoy what comes next...

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Take a seat and enjoy!

  • Need Inspiration?

    This is a good place to start. Searching is always a good place to build your creativity and seeing what the community is doing. Not everything has to be created from scratch. 

  • Gaming is for everyone!

    Don't hesitate to play a game or watch a movie to get inspired. Whether you are a creator or a hobbiest, play games for fun or play games to study.

  • Come watch our videos!

    Youtube houses some of our helpful tutorials on where to get started when making a game. You can also explore our products and use some of them for a basis on your games!


Do I have full rights to my purchase?

Yes, on specific assets which are purchased you do. If you are purchasing a full game, no all rights are reserved for Descending Realm Games.

Can I contact DRG?

Yes, you may contact Descending Realm Games on any major social media platforms or via email:

Do you have any FREE games?

Yes, we do have a free game. Shaponator which can be downloaded.